The Oratorio That Was Time

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Published by: Audubon Terrace Press (Paperback 2022)
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Included poems:

Because He'd Lived So Long A Bachelor
Wise Virgin
My Father's Bible
Words Are Threats
Rolling Rocks
Purple Rags
Red Letters
The Oratorio That Was Time


Included stories:


War No More



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Praise for Robert Morgan:

Robert Morgan's lyric mountain language is equal to the epic sweep of history, to the grandeur of the land itself.

— Lee Smith
. . .

Robert Morgan's poems are always exciting for their precise knowledge of country things, and of how things go in the world of natural fact and process. This new collection gives us also some delightful lore from the Southern mountains: we learn of the horse fiddle, and holy cussing, and the intrepid pastor who held off bear or panther with his umbrella.

— Richard Wilbur, former U.S. Poet Laureate
. . .

It is such a pleasure to rest on the fertile banks of [Morgan's] imagination, engaged by a steady current of haunting images and carefully chiseled phrases, that when the final poems comes, the reader feels as if the power company dammed the Green River without putting it to a vote.

— Southern Humanities Review
. . .


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