In the Snowbird Mountains and Other Stories

Snowbird 193x300

Published by: Press 53 (Paperback 2023)
In the Snowbird Mountains at Press 53
In the Snowbird Mountains at
In the Snowbird Mountains at


Included stories:

The Body on Mt. Mitchell

The Wonderful City

Devil's Courthouse

Beyond the Outerbanks

Judaculla Rock

The Secret Face

In the Snowbird Mountains



Praise for Robert Morgan:

Robert Morgan has long been one of this country's finest poets. Now he shows that his hand is just as steady in fiction.

— James Welsh
. . .

[Robert Morgan] is a seasoned author whose prose reads like poetry and whose nonfiction reads like novels... His books teach and inspire. He gives the past, with all its heroes and villains, a new life, if not a new purpose.

— Southern Literary Review
. . .

Any new collection of poems by Robert Morgan is a gift... In the past thirty years I have learned a great deal from this man, who is exemplary as a poet, as a prose writer, and as a human being.

— Ted Kooser, former U.S. Poet Laureate
. . .


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