In the Snowbird Mountains and Other Stories

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Published by: Press 53 (Paperback 2023)
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Included stories:

The Body on Mt. Mitchell

The Wonderful City

Devil's Courthouse

Beyond the Outerbanks

Judaculla Rock

The Secret Face

In the Snowbird Mountains



Praise for Robert Morgan:

Robert Morgan has long been one of this country's finest poets. Now he shows that his hand is just as steady in fiction.

— James Welsh
. . .

Words plain and deep as the hills...

— Booklist
. . .

One of Robert Morgan's chief claims on our attention is the backbone he puts into the backcountry lore that grounds his work, the stately proprieties and meditative gravity he hews out of the hardscrabble folkways of his native Blue Ridge Mountains... His is a fine-grained, self-implicating intelligence that can span the intricacies of both pine resin and pantoums.

— Poetry
. . .


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