In the Snowbird Mountains and Other Stories

Snowbird 193x300

Published by: Press 53 (Paperback 2023)
In the Snowbird Mountains at Press 53
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Included stories:

The Body on Mt. Mitchell

The Wonderful City

Devil's Courthouse

Beyond the Outerbanks

Judaculla Rock

The Secret Face

In the Snowbird Mountains



Praise for Robert Morgan:

Robert Morgan's poems are always exciting for their precise knowledge of country things, and of how things go in the world of natural fact and process. This new collection gives us also some delightful lore from the Southern mountains: we learn of the horse fiddle, and holy cussing, and the intrepid pastor who held off bear or panther with his umbrella.

— Richard Wilbur, former U.S. Poet Laureate
. . .

Any new collection of poems by Robert Morgan is a gift... In the past thirty years I have learned a great deal from this man, who is exemplary as a poet, as a prose writer, and as a human being.

— Ted Kooser, former U.S. Poet Laureate
. . .

If you grew up in the country or feel an affinity for the mountains, Morgan's [work] will bring you home again; if not, here is an authentic tour of the region.

— Sandlapper
. . .


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