Chasing the North Star

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Published by: Algonquin Books (Paperback 2017)
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Published by: Algonquin Books (eBook 2016)
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Published by: Algonquin Books (Hardcover 2016)
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Praise for Chasing the North Star:

Robert Morgan remains the consummate storyteller. He is one of the best I've ever seen at making time move the way memory moves, weaving a sense of history, and offering characters so compelling that a kinship of the heart is felt. The characters linger in the mind, like a melody you can't and don't want to forget. This book must be read for its broad, sagacious wit as well as for its power to convince us of extraordinary courage in ordinary life.

— Elizabeth Cox, author of The Ragged Way People Fall Out of Love
. . .

What an exciting new legend Robert Morgan has created! And just when we need such a story. Chasing the North Star has the gravity of the old slave narratives and blood-chilling action of a contemporary action thriller. The language reflects Morgan's deep connection to the land and the tradition, and burns with conviction and insight and heart.

— Randall Kenan, author of Walking on Water
. . .

In Morgan's hands... details become the stuff of stern, gripping drama.

— The New York Times
. . .

Morgan writes with an enviable clarity that makes personalities, issues and event come alive on the page.

— BookPage
. . .

[Robert Morgan] is a seasoned author whose prose reads like poetry and whose nonfiction reads like novels... His books teach and inspire. He gives the past, with all its heroes and villains, a new life, if not a new purpose.

— Southern Literary Review
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