As Rain Turns to Snow and Other Stories

As Rain Turns to Snow 195x300

Published by: Broadstone Books (Paperback 2017)
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Included stories:

The Burning Chair

As Rain Turns To Snow

Halcyon Acres

The Church Of The Ascension

Bird Wars

The Dulcimer Maker

The Distant Blue Hills

Dans Les Hautes Montagnes De Caroline

The Wedding Party

The Cliff

Happy Valley

Big Words And Fame

The Calm

The Jaguar


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The Wedding Party (story)


Praise for Robert Morgan:

Robert Morgan's fiction is "about people who have a deep sense of themselves, who were not created by a huge and complicated society but by a small, simple one in which individual character sprouted slowly and in trial bloomed... wise, eloquent."

— New York Times Book Review
. . .

Morgan has contributed so much to the health of southern poetry over the last thirty-five years that the southerness of his work is axiomatic... [His] reputation is made, in no small part, on the strength of his ear, with which he has produced some of the most sonorous poems in the language.

— North Carolina Literary Review
. . .

If you grew up in the country or feel an affinity for the mountains, Morgan's [work] will bring you home again; if not, here is an authentic tour of the region.

— Sandlapper
. . .


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