Zirconia Poems

Zirconia Poems 197x300

Published by: Lillabulero Press (Paperback 1969)


Included poems:

High Country
Waking from a Dream I Think of Jesse Rehder
Waking Late in the Afternoon
Rain, Drunk
Night Puddle
From a Cliff
Very Old Man
Cornstalks, Raint Christmas
Passing Through
Water Tanks
Lake Adrift In Mountains
7:30 A.M.
In April the Air is a Coral Sea
Visit to Several Towns
Esprit Lucid


Praise for Robert Morgan:

At their finest, his stripped-down and almost primitive sentences burn with the raw, lonesome pathos of Hank Williams's best songs.

— The New York Times Book Review
. . .

Reminiscent of James Dickey- bearing the same naturalistic marks of clear, clean prose and often disturbing imagery... Morgan casts a stark story peopled with real, believable, and honest characters.

— The Baltimore Sun
. . .

Robert Morgan has a rare and cunning gift: he can sift through the detritus of the past, pluck objects and images from his memory (especially his childhood) and elevate them to the point where they become -- in the sense that Campbell used the word -- 'numinous.'

— Gary Carden, The Smoky Mountain News
. . .


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