Zirconia Poems

Zirconia Poems 197x300

Published by: Lillabulero Press (Paperback 1969)


Included poems:

High Country
Waking from a Dream I Think of Jesse Rehder
Waking Late in the Afternoon
Rain, Drunk
Night Puddle
From a Cliff
Very Old Man
Cornstalks, Raint Christmas
Passing Through
Water Tanks
Lake Adrift In Mountains
7:30 A.M.
In April the Air is a Coral Sea
Visit to Several Towns
Esprit Lucid


Praise for Robert Morgan:

Robert Morgan's writing is... clear and simple, yet it possesses a luminous poetic quality, a rough beauty hewn from the countyside and from old, forgotten ways.

— The Philadelphia Inquirer
. . .

Any new collection of poems by Robert Morgan is a gift... In the past thirty years I have learned a great deal from this man, who is exemplary as a poet, as a prose writer, and as a human being.

— Ted Kooser, former U.S. Poet Laureate
. . .

One of Robert Morgan's chief claims on our attention is the backbone he puts into the backcountry lore that grounds his work, the stately proprieties and meditative gravity he hews out of the hardscrabble folkways of his native Blue Ridge Mountains... His is a fine-grained, self-implicating intelligence that can span the intricacies of both pine resin and pantoums.

— Poetry
. . .


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