Wild Peavines: New Poems

Wild Peavines 194x300

Published by: Gnomon Press (Paperback 1996)


Included poems:

Attakullakulla Goes to London
Signal Fires
Fever Wit
Thrush Doctor
Wild Peavines
Family Letters
Polishing the Silver
Working in the Rain
Vapor Salve
Time's Music
Oxbow Lakes
Chicken Scratches


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Praise for Robert Morgan:

Robert Morgan's fiction is "about people who have a deep sense of themselves, who were not created by a huge and complicated society but by a small, simple one in which individual character sprouted slowly and in trial bloomed... wise, eloquent."

— New York Times Book Review
. . .

Morgan writes with an enviable clarity that makes personalities, issues and event come alive on the page.

— BookPage
. . .

One of Robert Morgan's chief claims on our attention is the backbone he puts into the backcountry lore that grounds his work, the stately proprieties and meditative gravity he hews out of the hardscrabble folkways of his native Blue Ridge Mountains... His is a fine-grained, self-implicating intelligence that can span the intricacies of both pine resin and pantoums.

— Poetry
. . .


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