Groundwork 195x300

Published by: Gnomon Press (Paperback 1979)

Published by: Gnomon Press (Hardcover 1979)


Included poems:

The Hollow
Blue Ridge
Huckleberry Bald
Appalachian Trail
Mountain Bride
The Flying Snake
Lost Flower
Real and Ethereal
Galacker: The Galax Gatherer
Death Crown
Canning Time
When the Ambulance Came
Slop Bucket
Baptism of Fire
Bean Money
Reuben's Cabin
Upstairs at the Country Store
Bricking the Church
Tear Bottle
Burning the Hornet's Nest
Milksick Pen
Smokehouse Dirt
Pigeon Loft
Mountain Page
Zircon Pit
Secret Pleasures
Den Tree
Devil's Courthouse
Praying Through


Related media:

Mountain Bride (poem)


Praise for Robert Morgan:

[Robert Morgan] is a seasoned author whose prose reads like poetry and whose nonfiction reads like novels... His books teach and inspire. He gives the past, with all its heroes and villains, a new life, if not a new purpose.

— Southern Literary Review
. . .

Morgan remains one of our keenest poets of lucidity and attention and makes sacred the peripheral, the often unsung. He stares deeply into that which we rarely consider, as all good poets do.

— William Wright, Oxford American
. . .

Morgan has contributed so much to the health of southern poetry over the last thirty-five years that the southerness of his work is axiomatic... [His] reputation is made, in no small part, on the strength of his ear, with which he has produced some of the most sonorous poems in the language.

— North Carolina Literary Review
. . .


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