Bronze Age

Bronze Age 201x300

Published by: Iron Mountain Press (Paperback 1981)


Included poems:

Field Theory
Bronze Age
Potato Hole
The Catalogue
Muscling Rocks
Earth Closet
Tying Bean Strings
Cane Mill
Throwing Rocks
Hay Scuttle
Rabbit Gum
Man and Machine


Related media:

Man and Machine (poem)


Praise for Robert Morgan:

"Reads like a fireside chat, a storyteller's story, frozen in time on the printed page."

— Southern Living
. . .

Morgan remains one of our keenest poets of lucidity and attention and makes sacred the peripheral, the often unsung. He stares deeply into that which we rarely consider, as all good poets do.

— William Wright, Oxford American
. . .

One of Robert Morgan's chief claims on our attention is the backbone he puts into the backcountry lore that grounds his work, the stately proprieties and meditative gravity he hews out of the hardscrabble folkways of his native Blue Ridge Mountains... His is a fine-grained, self-implicating intelligence that can span the intricacies of both pine resin and pantoums.

— Poetry
. . .


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