The Blue Valleys: Stories

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Published by: Simon & Schuster (Paperback 2000)
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Published by: Peachtree Publishers, Ltd (Hardcover 1989)
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Included stories:

A Brightness New & Welcoming


1916 Flood


War Story

Let No Man

Family Land

The Lost State of Franklin


The Half Nelson

Night Thoughts

The Pickup

Blinding Daylight


Praise for Robert Morgan:

Reminiscent of James Dickey- bearing the same naturalistic marks of clear, clean prose and often disturbing imagery... Morgan casts a stark story peopled with real, believable, and honest characters.

— The Baltimore Sun
. . .

Robert Morgan's poems are always exciting for their precise knowledge of country things, and of how things go in the world of natural fact and process. This new collection gives us also some delightful lore from the Southern mountains: we learn of the horse fiddle, and holy cussing, and the intrepid pastor who held off bear or panther with his umbrella.

— Richard Wilbur, former U.S. Poet Laureate
. . .

If you grew up in the country or feel an affinity for the mountains, Morgan's [work] will bring you home again; if not, here is an authentic tour of the region.

— Sandlapper
. . .


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