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Lions of the West

"Robert Morgan tells the absorbing story of the American conquest of the lands between the Appalachians and the Pacific through the lives and deeds of movers and shakers of their times, some well known, others dimly remembered, a few all but forgotten. This is a splendid work." -- John Buchanan, author of Jackson's Way

Published by Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill © October 2011


"I have for many years now relished the textures of Robert Morgan's words and objects. He has more touchable things per line than one would think the world offers; but that is exactly how he gets us to stop ignoring our world." -- Sandra McPherson

Published by Penguin Books © October 2011

"Any new collection of poems by Robert Morgan is a gift, and October Crossing is wonderful through and through. In the past thirty years I have learned a great deal from this man, who is exemplary as a poet, as a prose writer, and as a human being." - Ted Kooser, former US Poet Laureate

Published by BroadStone Books of Frankfort, Kentucky © September 2009

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"The story of Daniel Boone is the story of America— its ideals, its promise, its romance, and its destiny. Robert Morgan reveals the complex character of a frontiersman whose heroic life was far stranger and more fascinating than the myths that surround him.

Published by Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill © October 2007

"This is a riveting account of the real Boone.... The brilliant final chapter, unique among Boone biographies, reveals the impact of the frontiersman's legend on the American literary canon.... This is the best of all possible Boones."
—Michael Kammen, former president of the Organization of American Historians

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The unfading poetic brilliance of Robert Morgan shines through these ninety-three pieces spanning thirty-five years. Celebrated for his recent fiction, Morgan makes obvious in this volume he was first, and remains foremost, a wordsmith of poetic sensibilities — a craftsman of taut, forceful imagery, alert with wonder to the mystery of what lies in plain sight."

Published by Louisiana State University Press © April 2004

"Morgan has contributed so much to the health of southern poetry over the last thirty-five years that the southerness of his work is axiomatic..."
—North Carolina Literary Review

"Brave Enemies is a story of enduring love and of the struggle to build a homeland as one era is dying and a new age of freedom and discovery is being born."

Published by Algonquin Books © Oct. 2003

"With tremendous narrative pace, a meticulous eye for colorful detail and a tight grasp of historical setting and military action, poet and novelist Morgan (Gap Creek) delivers a rousing and affecting tale of the American Revolution."

"...a gripping story of two brothers struggling against each other and the confines of their 1920s Appalachian Mountain world."

Published by Algonquin Books © Sept. 2001

"Morgan writes very simply about hard times and deep faith, and this story will resound with modern readers."

"Scratching out a life for themselves, always at risk of losing it all, Julie and Hank don't know what to fear most -- the floods or the flesh-and-blood grifters who insinuate themselves into their new lives."

Published by Algonquin Books ©1999

"Morgan is among the relatively few American writers who write about work knowledgeably, and as if it really matters."

"Ten powerful new stories are collected here for the first time and seven are reprinted from his two acclaimed earlier collections."

Published by Gnomon Press ©1999

"...a procession of tales rich with narrative detail and character, told in language as plain and deep as the hills, the whole weighted with an awareness of death that looms over the the struggle for a meaningful life."

"...a love story as old, as true and as beautiful, as the hill in which it unfolds."

Published by Algonquin Books ©1995

", dramatic, and totally convincing in its portrayal of a lost rural world."

"...the story of a family who found, marked, and paved their way into America's eastern frontier."

Published by Algonquin Books ©1994

"Required reading for anyone who would know what is was to be a pioneer. Robert Morgan's lyric mountain language is equal to the epic sweep of history, to the grandeur of the land itself."