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Department of English:
Goldwin Smith Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853
Tel. (607) 255-3503
Fax (607) 255-6661

Home Address:
1608 Hanshaw Rd.
Ithaca, NY 14850

October 3, 1944, Hendersonville, North Carolina

Honorary Doctor of Letters, UNC Chapel Hill, 2006
MFA, UNC Greensboro, 1968
BA in English, UNC Chapel Hill, 1965

Marital Status:
Married, three children

Rivers-Coffey Distinguished Visiting Writer, Appalachian State University, Fall 2007
Whichard Professor, East Carolina University, Spring 2005
Visting Professor, Duke University, Spring 2004
Writer-in-Residence, Furman University, Spring 2004
Blackburn Visiting Writer, Duke University, Spring 2003
Visiting Writer, Furman University, Winter 2002
Distinguished Visiting Professor of Writing, Appalachian State University, Fall 2000
McGee Visiting Writer, Davidson College, Spring 1998
Kappa Alpha Professor of English, Cornell University 1992-
Professor of English, Cornell University 1984-92
Associate professor, Cornell University 1978-84
Assistant Professor, Cornell University 1973-78
Lecturer in English, Cornell University 1971-73
Self-employed writer, farmer, housepainter 1969-71
Instructor in English, Salem College 1968-69
Teaching Assistant, UNC-Greensboro 1967-68

The Road From Gap Creek.
Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill. 2013.
Lions of the West.
Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill. 2011.
: Poems. Penguin. 2011.
October Crossing.
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Boone: A Biography.
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The Strange Attractor: New and Selected Poems.
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Brave Enemies.
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This Rock
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Topsoil Road: Poems
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The Balm of Gilead Tree and Other Stories
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Gap Creek
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The Hinterlands
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The Truest Pleasure
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Wild Peavines: New Poems
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The Truest Pleasure
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The Hinterlands
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Green River. New and Selected Poems
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Zirconia Poems
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Recent poems have appeared in magazines such as Poetry, Paris Review, Antaeus, The Atlantic, American Poetry Review, Virginia Quarterly Review, TriQuarterly, Missouri Review, Kenyon Review, Michigan Quarterly Review, and in many anthologies, including A Geography of Poets, The Generation of 2000, The Morrow Anthology of Younger American Poets, Strong Measures, Western Wind, Bedford Introduction to Literature, Bedford Introduction to Poetry, Approaching Poetry, and The Book of Luminous Things. Essays and articles on poetry have been published in Epoch, Parnassus, The Nation, Bluefish, American Poetry Review, and Poetry Pilot; short stories in Greensboro Review, Southern Review, Epoch, St. Andrews Review, and many other magazines; and a craft interview included in the Brockport Writers Forum video series.

Secondary work:
Volume of essays forthcoming from McFarland Publishers.
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Grants and Awards:
Hobson Award, Chowan University, 2011.
Inducted into the North Carolina Literary Hall of Fame, 2010.
R. Hunt Parker Award, North Carolina Literary and Historical Association, November 2007.
Academy Award in Literature, American Academy of Arts and Letters, May 2007.
Appalachian Heritage Award and Residency, Shepherd , 2003.
Gap Creek received the Southern Book Critics Circle Award for 2000, and was selected as a Notable Book by The New York Times. It was an Oprah Book Club selection for January 2000, and a New York Times Bestseller. The Association of Appalachian Writers named it Book of the Year for 2000.
The Truest Pleasure
was selected as a New York Times Notable Book.
The Truest Pleasure
was first runner-up for The Southern Book Critics Circle Award.
The Truest Pleasure
was listed by Publishers Weekly as one of the outstanding books of 1995.
Fellow, Cornell Society for the Humanities, Fall 1992.
North Carolina Award in Literature, 1991.
James G. Hanes Poetry Prize Fellowship of Southern Writers, 1991.
The Blue Valleys
nominated for First Fiction Award, American Academy of Arts and Letters.
Fellowship at Bellagio Conference Center, 1989.
Greensboro Review
Amon Liner Poetry Prize, 1989.
Jacaranda Review
Fiction Prize, 1988.
Guggenheim Fellowship, 1988-89.
Hawthornden Fellow in Poetry, International Writers Retreat, Hawthornden Castle, Scotland, 1986.
New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship, 1986.
Eunice Tietjens Prize, Poetry, 1979.
Southern Poetry Review Prize, 1975.
National Endowment for the Arts Fellowships, 1968, 1974, 1982, 1987.

Courses taught at Cornell:
Introductory creative writing, poetry workshop, narrative writing, senior honors seminar in creative writing, graduate workshop in poetry, undergraduate and graduate courses in 19th century American poetry, Whitman and Dickinson, Frost, Eliot and Stevens, contemporary British and American poetry, American Short Story, Emerson and Poe.

Poetry readings and lectures at many colleges and universities, including UNC-Chapel Hill, Wells, UNC-Greensboro, Carson-Newman, Louisiana State, Washington University, Wesleyan, Furman, UNC-Asheville, Emory and Henry, SUNY-Binghamton and Brockport, Duke, Hawaii, Stanford
University, Oxford University, as well as the Guggenheim Museum,
Manhattan Theatre Club, Poetry Society of America, and American
Academy in Rome.

Service at Cornell:
Acting Chair, 1985, 1986-87.
Director of Undergraduate Studies, 1980-81, 1984-85.
Curriculum Committee, 1975-78, Chair 1980-81, 84-85.
Editor for Epoch, 1971-75.
Creative Writing Committee, 1971-, Chair 1982.